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Of which my favorite lines are these three:

From one chapter, as part of the Dune-inspired tendency to begin every chapter with a quote from a false document:

Operation Supernova provides one of the classic Great Clone War examples of how seemingly massive, impersonal offensives were decided by all too contingent events of the battlefield. In this sense it was akin to designing a weapon able to blow up planets and leaving that weapon with an explosive, fatal weakness involving an exhaust port.

As we begin this Holy Cleansing of the Confederacy, the Great Trial that is necessary to purge our society of immoral and cowardly elements that lie cringing in the shadows, let this immortal phrase serve those of us who represent the might and the glory of the Bando Gora and of the Confederacy, ultimately also of the Dark Side. Let us vow that "I reveal my inmost face before my God" so that when the power of the Cleansing and its purifiying force take this Confederacy by storm that we hail this glorious new world. There are no fortresses a Confederate cannot storm, even that of one's inmost face.

^Yes, I am referencing Beneath the Planet of the Apes in a Star Wars TL.

Windu looked at Palpatine, who simply said "It's wartime. We will simply blame this on Vosa. People were fearing Hett might one day become a Sith as it is, so I do not think people would believe a Jedi Coup against the thesis of their becoming Gora."

Windu's eyebrow rose. "Why do you not have me executed as I am the only witness?".

Palpatine laughed wryly and said "One Sith against the entire Jedi Order in the middle of the largest war in Galactic history? Be a madman if I did."

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What would happen if an Objectivist entered the Borg Collective?
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^This. It describes exactly what you'd expect given the date: the victory of the Allies over the Central Powers leading to the Turkish War of Independence and the three treaties that didn't blow up until 1939. The magnitude of the 1918 victory has tended to be obscured by the realities of V-E and V-J Day in 1945, but the first go-round was an equally dramatic victory. To consider it, after Russia fell into civil war the Central Powers looked for an instance in time poised to outright win the war. The only significant reverses had been in Mesopotamia and in Third Gaza, neither of which seriously menaced anything the CP wanted to hold onto. A year later the Ottomans were reduced to what is now the Republic of Turkey, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and German Empire no longer existed, and the German army, seemingly triumphant, was a few weeks away from disintegration ala what happened to Austria-Hungary and Russia (there was never a prospect of war in the spring of 1919, much less the summer).

I believe the neglect of the 1918 victory is a historical injustice, as it truly was one of the great turnarounds in military history. I'm also convinced that Sir Douglas Haig tends to be bashed too much in subsequent histories and John J. Pershing if anything rather too little. The man could have in the wrong/right circumstances (depending on your POV of WWI) easily have cost the Allies the war over his ego.

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Hazavardin H'ven Surzahndun is one of the more historically allegorical characters of the Tales. His is the role of William Seward to Xaderavcal's Grant, the Vera Zasulich to Xaderavcal's Zhukov, or given the more East Asian-influenced background the Yuan Shi-Kai to Xaderavcal's Mao Zedong. Hazavardin in this sense represents the first stage of reform and revolution both: a more liberal, "milder" activist. Ironically like Seward and Shi-Khai Hazavardin is anything but mild at the start, representing the most radical, firebrand variety of the ideologies that win the war. His ideology is that of a reformed Diarchy that addresses issues of bureaucratic redundancy by cutting the most egregious examples of red tape, and also by constricting the bloated and inefficient repression-apparatus. In a corrupt and inefficient regime which sees growing violence and chaos culminating in the long, complex civil war this in itself is a radical challenge to the status quo, and Xaderavcal's role in the postwar era as Junior Diarch offers Hazavardin room to scheme to bring about the ultimate rule of a new dynasty in total, the House of Chaliel, and to remove the incompetent and brutish Syiun III before all Hell breaks loose and chaos renews itself.

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Should be interesting. I'm not a DC Comics fan, or really much of a comics fanboy, at least not by Crew standards. I said, should be very very interesting.

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At the current point in the alternate World War II, Russia's partitioned the rump Habsburg Empire and Republic of Hungary, establishing a Kingdom of Croatia and the Czechoslovak state, to simplify their own occupation and also to draw upon reservoirs of manpower to enhance that already present for Kornilov's dictatorship. Kornilov, as a fascist dictator under a puppet Tsarina, Olga Romanovna, has presided over a war where Russian casualties in terms of killed are inching to 630,000 by 1944, at the point that the Oder Battles begin.

Now, to put this in perspective, Kornilov's Russia has avoided the Civil War of 1917-22, and also the massive death tolls from the famines produced by the War and Collectivization, while ruling from the first the Baltic states, Finland, and Bessarabia and Bukovina. Tsars Alexanders II and III and Tsar Nicholas II have already built the skeleton of a military juggernaut Kornilov turns into a superpower army. Kornilov's army thus has suffered not one million killed yet, and in two years has advanced to 43 miles from Berlin against Imperial Germany and the USA, is deep inside the Raj, and has spent most of its war bordering the USA on US soil.

Now, to put things in further perspective: World War I, in our timeline (hereafter OTL) was fought on Russian soil, and killed 10 million Russians. The Civil War that followed killed more than World War I did. In the alternate World War I, most of it is fought on German soil and the totality of Russian deaths killed in the more limited trench fighting of the alternate WWI total 1 million. Again, in our world, tens of millions of Russians die who in this world are alive and producing millions more Russians. Kornilov uses Four Year Plans to build Russia into an ultra-modern military juggernaut built on firepower. The historical Soviet Union in June of 1941, after wars against Imperial Japan, Poland, Finland, and in the Baltic states had 200 million people in it. Kornilov's Super-Russia has some 270 million people. It can afford to lose the entirety of Soviet losses in Barbarossa, some 10 million people, and not even flinch.

And at the current phase of the war has yet to have its death toll reach 1 million. Now, the USSR took massive casualties in history and still went from the Battle of Moscow to the Battle of Berlin. Kornilov's Russia is even larger, wealthier in human and natural resources, and can keep on slugging for years and years. The Central Powers can drive it back from Berlin, but the Russians can simply replenish their numbers with still more Fronts and prevent any major incursions onto Russian soil. The Soviet Union, after losing 10 million people from the Battle of Minsk to the first stage of the Battle of Moscow was able to send a quarter-million men against Nazi Germany.

Kornilov very truly does rule the Russian steamroller, amplified due to the somewhat-faster progress of the UWTS-verse by starting out with Kalashkinovs and T-34s, with entirely motorized mechanized armies. This far-greater degree of mobility and firepower sufficient to blow everything the Central Powers have out of the water as well as Russian troops seeking strategic gain in vulnerable areas that minimizes casualties is a major reason why Russian casualties are limited. Most of them are from the war with Germany and eventually the USA, the fighting in the Raj is the second major source.

To add to the LULZ, both sides are developing nukes but nukes can't win either side *this* war. Russia can easily afford ten million casualties to capture Berlin. The Central Powers need to find a way to minimize Russian numbers and firepower and so far only urban warfare offers a dim possibility. To add to the fun, the other major enemy is the Republic of China, able to call on 300 million people......
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I am H'vorxixnon H'ven Soroundon, father of [personal profile] nightshadow , and grandfather of [personal profile] ashari_chaliel , which obviously makes me father-in-law to [personal profile] yohanin_gerigstandgros . I am the leader of [personal profile] housechaliel at this time. The Life Extension technology for obvious reasons gives dynastic politics a wee different flavor in our world. I have two brothers and four sisters, as does my father (there's a reason my family's bloody big). I've been in politics up to my eyeballs (or for the Louisiana version in a swamp where I'm up to my ass in alligators) for several centuries, I've also been married for several centuries to a wonderful wife and mother, whose intelligence is something I value highly, and I am a very good sailor and know how to use several seagoing craft of various sizes. I have also a large extended family, but to explain all that requires a filtered entry where this first one is a public one.

As to how to pronounce the name, there are no random apostrophes in a Hatari name. The apostrophe here represents a glottal stop closest to Arabic Ayin, so it's H-glottal stop-vore-ziz-none H-glottal stop-vin Zore-oon-do-ne (because the o is like the o in dome). It is absolutely not pronounced "Surrounding." My father is very insistent about that with the humans. And as might be gathered by choice of icon, I'm following the whole Civil War icon trend inaugurated by [personal profile] themidnightknock .

-H'vorxixnon H'ven Soroundon-


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